Free Linux Cloud Root Shells

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Free Linux Cloud Root Shells


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A short selection of Cloud-based Linux Root Shells and their resource limits.


                  | MEMORY | STORAGE | CPU | comment
Github Codespace  |  32GB  |    8GB  | 4   | 20Gpbs
GitPod            |  64GB  |   50GB  | 8   | fastest I/O
Google Cloudshell |   8GB  |    5GB  | 2   | persistent, 1-3Gbps
Google Colab      |  12GB  |  128GB  | 2   | 10Gbps

A community-run alternative is Segfault's Disposable Root Servers.

Access any of these shells remotely. Cut & paste the following into the shell:

bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

GitHub Codespace

Go to GitHub Codespace.


Go to GitPod.

Google Cloudshell

Go to Goolge Cloudshell (Article).

Google Colab

  1. Go to Google Colab. There is no shell console by default. Install gsocket to log into the shell console remotely.

  2. Insert `!bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"` and press the play button

  1. Use any of the 3 gsocket commands to connect to the root shell remotely.