Free Internet for Iran with Google Chrome

Free Internet for Iran with Google Chrome


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Before starting check your IP as you access the internet with Chrome by googling whats my ip

0 Check IP.png

Step 1

You must setup the local socks5 proxy before continue. It can be done with:

Step 2

Open Google and head to the settings section.

1 Chrome Settings.png

Step 3

Now click in the top left corner to open more settings

2 Chrome General Settings.png

Step 4

Now open the System section of the settings.

3 Chrome System.png

Step 5

We will need to change our computers proxy settings, click to open them.

4 Chrome Proxy Settings.png

Step 6

We'll configure a manual proxy, click Use a proxy server to open the settings.

Proxy Settings Open.png

Step 7

You will need to turn on the toggle to allow you to edit the settings.

Set Proxy Settings.png

Step 8

Set the proxy address to socks=localhost:42069 and save the settings.

Or socks=localhost:2280 if you've used PuTTY for creating the tunnel.


Step 9

Return to Chrome and ensure your IP has changed.

10 Check New IP.png